Friday, April 20, 2012

Environment and continue driving tech integration

school focus on differentiation- not all kids are performing as they would like them to, we have never had this many problem kids, test scores and data for entire school, hard to argue with data, ability level:performance how do we focus on the kids not performing at their ability level; monetary, accreditation,

administrative buy in - professional development and investment in equipment
top down approach to teacher planning, formalized
resistance- still is there, mostly upper school,

ignite in different places, some follow not everyone
relationships and get the right person at the right time

how share best practices:
division and faculty meetings (admin support of time)
push the product out on the website
tech tid-bits
teachers lead professional development
tech day- mini conference
shotgun approach, share new ideas in multiple places and teacher networks
share on website with communications officer

administrative push followed up by grass roots
or grass roots influences adminstrative

block schedule, have to teach differently, differentiation, learning styles

outside of classroom time is reduced because use tech tools (increasing class size)
efficiency gains

competition, don’t play to the least common denominator

teachers are now bring stuff to the technologists! get it out quick!

appropriate support and path in place if you are lighting a fire

wiki page, set goals for the year, (NETS-T), request support, ideas, links, provide examples of how these goals can be met. write how they achieved their goals and support their evidence with links, repository of ideas and see what other teachers are doing.  Institutional Support.
PLP Powerful Learning Practice - joined

If administration does not support the vision it won’t happen

Hyper expectations are a problem too, tell people what it is and what it isn’t, manageable expectations

don’t have time because of content I have to cover by May and my kids do well,
how do we get the assessment tool to change?
start with the low hanging fruit, don’t have to worry about non-AP classes,
if report cards report the 21st Century skills  
Common Core? Will that change assessments
DOE is looking at and questioning traditional assessments, it is happening

brain based research, how we learn, has ignited some of our faculty, use evidence and data to support the shifts and impact in the classroom - Learning and the Brain Robert Greenleaf Willingham

grassroots advocacy challenging the status quo. we want to do this, based on research,  how kids learn... we can’t because of how students are admitted and are not admitted into college.
Independent Schools.... this is what we are about, this is what we value.
Say no to the tests. College Board SAT, PSAT, APs,
Have teachers fill out an in depth application for each student. Independent schools can provide.
What does Pat think? We’ll ask him tonight.

adequate access to techologies
risk-taking, administrative support

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